Top 10 Best Officemate Clipboard Storage Reviews & Comparison

There are various products to choose from as a patron, even an adventurer. Yet, you are confused when you select best ankle support brace for hiking? You don’t understand which brand will fulfill your requirements, and you are unsure how much money you should spend on your new product.

We will provide a list of product to help you make the right decision for buying best officemate clipboard storage. We have analyzed few matrices to get the list from thousands of similar product.

1Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case,…Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case,…Buy on Amazon
2Officemate Recycled Double Storage Clipboard/Forms…Officemate Recycled Double Storage Clipboard/Forms…Buy on Amazon
3Officemate OIC Carry All Clipboard…Officemate OIC Carry All Clipboard…Buy on Amazon
4Officemate Storage Clipboard Case with…Officemate Storage Clipboard Case with…Buy on Amazon
5Officemate Dual Sided Clipboard Storage…Officemate Dual Sided Clipboard Storage…Buy on Amazon
6Officemate Clipboard Box for Activities…Officemate Clipboard Box for Activities…Buy on Amazon
7Officemate Ringbinder Clipboard Storage Box,…Officemate Ringbinder Clipboard Storage Box,…Buy on Amazon
8Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box,…Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box,…Buy on Amazon
9Officemate Triple File Clipboard Storage…Officemate Triple File Clipboard Storage…Buy on Amazon
10OIC Slim Clipboard Storage BoxOIC Slim Clipboard Storage BoxBuy on Amazon

1. Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case, Charcoal (83301)

Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage Case, Charcoal (83301)
  • Doubles as a briefcase!
  • Large capacity.
  • Built-in filing pockets hold CDs, business cards and papers.
  • Three separate external compartments.
  • Magnetized compartment holds clips in place.

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2. Officemate Recycled Double Storage Clipboard/Forms Holder, Plastic, Gray/Black (83357), (Model: OIC83357)

Officemate Recycled Double Storage Clipboard/Forms Holder, Plastic, Gray/Black (83357), (Model: OIC83357)
  • Includes two compartments(one magnetized), an external pen/pencil compartments, and plastic-covered sturdy clips
  • Holds letter-size and A-4-size documents
  • Storage box capacity: 1-1/4″
  • Made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Two separate storage compartments

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3. Officemate OIC Carry All Clipboard Storage Box, Letter/Legal Size, Black and Gray (83324), 1

Officemate OIC Carry All Clipboard Storage Box, Letter/Legal Size, Black and Gray (83324), 1
  • Smooth, flat surface allows convenient, on-the-go writing
  • Inner compartment stores devices up to 13″ for consolidated travel
  • Reinforced corners protect against unexpected bumps and drops
  • Snap closure keeps cover secured to prevent losing personal items
  • For both letter-size and legal-size papers

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4. Officemate Storage Clipboard Case with Low Profile Clip, Gray (83375)

Officemate Storage Clipboard Case with Low Profile Clip, Gray (83375)
  • Economical case easily fits in briefcase or backpack
  • Separate storage compartment for pens and pencils
  • Strong low profile clip
  • Ample storage space for letter-size documents, forms and notepads
  • Ideal tool for sales people, students and anyone who needs to write on the go

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5. Officemate Dual Sided Clipboard Storage Box (83335)

Officemate Dual Sided Clipboard Storage Box (83335)
  • The dual clipboard storage box is a multifunctional extra strong case with 2 large compartments, perfect for engineers, hospital environments, contractors, coaches, teachers and more.
  • Back case features additional storage for papers, pads, non tab file folders and more.
  • Elastic bands secure tablets, notepads, or papers in both the front & back compartments
  • 2 snap closures for added security
  • Fits letter and A4 documents

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6. Officemate Clipboard Box for Activities with Dry Erase Board, Letter/A4 Size, Charcoal (83383)

Officemate Clipboard Box for Activities with Dry Erase Board, Letter/A4 Size, Charcoal (83383)
  • Portable storage clipboard ideal for trips
  • Comes with a dry erase board for coaches during games to illustrate plays
  • Perfect for keeping drawing books, markers and crayons stored when on the go
  • Four inner compartments Plus a convenient carry handle
  • Use the clip in front to hold down paper while you work

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7. Officemate Ringbinder Clipboard Storage Box, Charcoal (83309), 13″ x 10.8″ x 2″

Officemate Ringbinder Clipboard Storage Box, Charcoal (83309), 13″ x 10.8″ x 2″
  • Built-in, 3-ring binder inside
  • Strong spring clip on the outside
  • 1″ rings for A4/letter-size papers
  • Includes business card pocket and utensil holder

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10. OIC Slim Clipboard Storage Box

OIC Slim Clipboard Storage Box
  • Compact design easily fits in most briefcases or backpacks
  • Low-profile metal clip reliably secures papers for quick access
  • Ample storage compartment fits letter-size documents, forms and notepads
  • Additional storage compartment holds pens and pencils

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Factors You Should Consider Before Buying the officemate clipboard storage

Buying officemate clipboard storage can be tricky, there are a few considerations before making a decision. It all depends on your personal needs and the nature of the product that you are purchasing.

It helps to understand your needs and find officemate clipboard storage that suits you. It's important to consider the price of the product in comparison with similar products on the market.

Size and weight can affect how much space it takes up. It’s also worth thinking about just how often you'll be using it - if you think it will get a lot of use then pay more attention to the more expensive ones.

How to Choose officemate clipboard storage

It's never easy to find the perfect product. But there are a few hacks you can try for your search. Read about these methods before deciding on the officemate clipboard storage that suits you best.

  1. Consider officemate clipboard storage from a trustworthy brand
  2. Read the reviews for the officemate clipboard storage on Amazon or other online stores
  3. Use price comparison sites
  4. Read buying giude online


Feautures are an important element to choose officemate clipboard storage. The feautre may be the size, color or the shape. It's important to keep up with the latest trends. because people are always going to be looking for newer and bigger features.

Once you have build a list of features, check which feature you need most and in which product you will get maximum of those. By doing this, you will find the right officemate clipboard storage according to your requirements.


You'll find so many popular brands out there, first and foremost you need to pick the ones that best suit your needs. Once you've picked them, consider half of your work is already done. That's because there are some brands out there that have done a great job of producing perfect officemate clipboard storage.

Remember that the more famous the brand, the more expensive their goods are likely to be. As they've been established in the industry, they use their name recognition to make money. A high-quality product from a famous brand is important because it's unlikely they'll risk the sale of their pricey items by equipping them with low-quality materials. If you're a high-end bargain hunter, know that this factor will be important to you.


The price of a officemate clipboard storage is usually related to the quality. There are 2 general approaches to pricing: cost-based pricing and value-based pricing.

Lower prices shouldn't always mean that the products being offered are better deals. It's often because the products being sold are made of more expensive materials and more care is put into every detail, which ultimately results in a higher level of quality control.

On a budget? New brands are generally cheaper which means you won't have to spend as much as with more established brands. Low-priced goods don't always offer good quality, so make sure you take a look at any new brands before you buy. You don't want to spend your money on something that breaks or wears out quickly.

Customer review

One of the best ways to find out more about officemate clipboard storage you're interested in is reading customer reviews. Reviews can help you understand the pros and cons, or they could help you figure out what product is best for your needs.

Even though customer reviews might be helpful, there are also people who make fake reviews for products. These fake reviews can cause people to buy things they don't need and lead to other problems.

Product Warranty and Guarantee Check

Warranty and guarantee check is a process that ensures that a product is free of flaws. It also checks the instructions you were given when you purchased the item.

Check the content validity, conditions and time periods of your warranty before it runs out. This way you can protect your purchase legally.

  • Ensuring that officemate clipboard storage are free from defects
  • Ensuring products have been used in accordance with manufacturers instructions is important.
  • Reducing the risk of getting customer complaints and having to do a lot of refunds or replacements


Every product has flaws, but you can figure out which one would work best by looking at both the positives and negatives. For example, you might look at reviews or shares on social media to see what other people are saying about it.

We learned a lot about the different types of best officemate clipboard storage and what you should look for when buying them. It's important to realize that what's good for you depends on your needs & budget. We hope you find officemate clipboard storage that make you happy!